Angelic Piano Music is a healing and loving Angelic piano music arising under the direction of Angels through Veronika Ptáčková. It has a unique vibration due to the color of the piano sound that we didn´t find for a different instrument and is perfectly aligned with Veronika. In conjunction with another piano through  Anna Würtherlová there is a very active energy-charged music, that has even more power and the ability to penetrate into the interior of the human soul, but also to all the aura and energy bodies of human. Vibrations of this music and range of tones come up to the brink of aura, which can be several kilometers. It just depends on each person and his soul, how big is the energy or emotional burden. If the load is large, it is necessary to repeated listening. There is a gradual release of the blocks in the physical and emotional body and soul level. It will lead to harmony, feelings of love, joy and hope. This will set the correct flow of energy for curative processes and relax. Thanks to this treatment gets deeper and they can remove blockages or negative energies, experiences and emotions that a person carries inside a long time or are very painful for him and difficult to handle.

V dubnovém čísle časopisu Nový Fénix právě vychází článek ze křtu nově vydaného CD Meditace a harmonizující vibrace ladiček klavíristky Veroniky Ptáčkové a terapeutky Pavlíny Moučkové. Přečtěte si nejen o tom, jaké účinky na lidské zdraví má spojení hudby a terapeutických ladiček, ale i další zajímavosti nejen ze zákulisí vzniku tohoto CD.