Angelic Way

About what led me to create Angelic Piano Music and what was my way and goal?

At the beginning of my long journey was healing from an untreatable illness that took me for many years and a complete re-evaluation and change of life and its values. Discovering different spiritual directions, laws and techniques. I have known past lives, causes and messages of illness, and have become acquainted with angels and archangels. I have experienced the healing, the presence, and the love that comes with us, helping us and teaching us if we ask for it. I wanted to work with them more, and that was done through automatic drawing and writing, and also in meditations, and ultimately, through their leadership and patience, their empathy and perseverance, I can feel their presence and receive the message by appealing to them. My great protectors, teachers and guides are Archangel Michael and Rafael, and my guardian angel. I often turn to the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ and I have a great humility to their enormous energy and size. I am grateful to God and the Universe for being able to experience all this and for the great gift that I can communicate with them and work with them.


I've been looking for some time to work with angels and archangels, and how to help people. No spiritual technique, however, was the right one because it was not always because of something. I begged for the leadership to show me what the best way for me. There has been some evidence that I should link everything with music. Once, my friend Stanisla Maresova tells me about a lady who works with the angels and needs help with the arrangement and arrangement of the choir texts she receives from the angels. That was the last message for me, and I knew exactly how I could help people and give joy! I began to create music in connection with the angels, and with their kind guidance and love they handed me their message and the healing intention through my fingers and my soul, changing in all the beautiful healing tones, harmony and composition. I never know the title or the message, I do not know what I'm going to play, how long or in which key. At that moment, I am only an intermediary as an electric power cable through which energy passes. I do not feel the surroundings and experience only the moments of endless joy, bliss and dedication in the arms of love and light. I can only compare it to the feeling of total trance.


Every  song is unique and unrepeatable. It contains healing vibrations and codes that are incomprehensible to our ears, and its healing effects move up to the aura. Each song is accompanied by an angel's message, so the music is connected with the text and creates a complex experience.

The more I played, the more songs started to differ, and I got the permission of angels to start concerts and meetings for people. I could also start writing for a particular person if I get permission from the angels. And the angels have brought me to connect music with other musicians and people who, thanks to me and with their help, will be attuned to the angels and will be able to receive music and news. And then connect it more with spoken word, stories and meditation.

Thanks to this she has created a beautiful collaboration with the excellent pianist Anna Würtherlová, in which we combined two pianos and thanks to the color of this sound, we intensified the healing vibrations and the energy of the music. Learn more about Anna here


Messages, pictures and stories from angels are told with Stanislava Marešová and her beautiful voice, when her words associated with music penetrate the soul of every listener and are enhanced by the emotions and energies of music. It is also a guide to our evenings. Learn more about it here