About Us

Veronika Ptáčková

Veronika Ptáčková is not only an excellent soloist, but also a sought-after chamber musician who has a natural sense and empathy not only for her singing colleagues but also for the instrumentalists. She excels with great technical precision and perfectly reflects the intention of the composer with her interpretation. Thanks  to her ability to improvise, she has the chance to play jazz or popular songs as well. For these qualities, she is also a valued and sought-after player on popular stage and performs at homeland likewise abroad.

She performs and cooperates with the leading singers of the Prague State Opera, such as Mrs. Simona Procházková or Andrea Kalivodová or others.  Occasionally performs in composed evenings with reciter Alfred Strejček. On the popular scene she performed with more  famous singers like Bohuš Matuš, Jiří Korn, Hedvika Tůmová or the mixed vocal choir  Lucky Voice Band. She also accompanies choir ensembles, such as the Children’s Choir of Czech Radio and records for Czech Radio. She teaches at South Bohemian Piano Courses in Blatná and regularly performs with soprano Bronislava Smržová, who founded  the singing courses and festival  „Singing Kouřim“.
Veronika also works as a composer and arranger.  She is the author of  many original choir adaptations for the „Classic Prague Radio Teacher’s Lounge“ project. She devotes herself to authoring music in her own project entitled „Angelic Piano Music“ in which she recently released a CD.
She is represented by OSA and Integram.


Anna Würtherlová

Pianist Anna Würtherlová graduated Conservatory and College of Jaroslav Ježek in Prague in June 2012. Immediately after her graduation concert she found, that  to achieve a sense of life satisfaction, she needs to establish her own band and founded the jazz-crossover band Anna W Quintet. She plays mostly jazz music, plays regularly and is prized for her improvisational skills and own jazz formation and songs. Anna Würtherlová cooperates with the Tereza Staňková & band and also contributes to the formation of Angelic music in Angelic Piano Music.


Angels message:

Unique combination of Veronika and Anna is made possible through intention and purity of Anna's soul. And thanks to Angels leadership, which is connected with the vibrations and energies of Veronika. The bond these two souls is so beautiful and loving and it is possible also because Annie is not unknown souls for Veronika. Both already know from past lives and now their paths met again only at the level of pure friendship, but also in energy healing music, which together form with Us. It is a great experience for Us to be there and We are very pleased how strong is the music that is produced and will be created. We love You very much and thank You for helping their fellow human beings and all souls.


Stanislava Marešová

Always I loved books. I was a frequent visitor to children's library. Pages with stories attracted me so much, that I am full of anticipation already started reading by walking through the library. How many times I've just finished reading a book while flashlight under the covers, because it was too late and my mother instructed my go to sleep. Actually, I had wanted to be a librarian, go to library school. But then my life blew my away and I forgot  my childhood dream. I graduated high school, then Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at Charles University Physical Education - Czech Language and I taught over 30 years and done a counselor. But as so often, what should be can´t run away. Today really besides learning I have a part-time as a librarian. And among the books I´m pleased. As like I returned home.

Still passionately I read, and I begin writing. Why am I doing this? I know that writing helped find themselves and regain lost confidence and self-esteem. And I fulfill my mission, my task here on Earth. I narrator. And maybe I help others.

My other love, singing, brought me together with Veronika Ptáčková. When we worked on one 'Angelic' music project with our choir Lucky Voice Band, we opened a new world - communication and cooperation with the Angels. Gorgeous Veronikas music generated through Angels gives me the images and stories that express in words. Sometimes my lyrics counterstained and enhance her beautiful grand piano.

And since our formation helped us to find ourselves, we would like to help others find their love, inner strength and peace through our music and spoken words. And maybe it will help someone to remember who he is. We believe that the healing vibrations of music and words can help heal the body and soul to fulfill the vocation of all of us.


Angels message:

Music is closely associated with the word, so even in this amazing Angelic music, there is a mutual connection. Thanks to the Angelic guidance Veronika creates music to the angelic texts and poems tents Stanislavy Marešové, who receives from the Angels, and vice versa. The universe and the Angels always determine the topic. It is always unknown at noon time and chosen as the most appropriate for a circle of listeners who had come in that day. Stanislava Marešová also brings the audience a variety of stories from people who have had a difficult test in the form of serious illness or disability and its healing ... She writes about it in her books and articles, and draws on a number of interviews to do with interesting personalities of the spiritual life.

"Through text and vibrations of Your voice you have a great gift, and giving the option open to healing souls who are not quite ready to receive healing information only music, but it needs to be treated and given this opportunity and were so lovingly draped in the healing vibration of love and messages through your voice and perceptions. "